1-day workshop

Your best way to get started with data

This one-day workshop with Alina Chhantel and Dr. Peter Graif will introduce participants to IBM's SPSS statistical analysis package. No prior background in the social sciences is assumed, though some familiarity with basic research techniques will help participants to make the most of what they learn. This is a hands-on training, and participants will leave with the confidence and experience they need to use SPSS effectively.

Due to the highly interactive nature of this program, attendance will be limited to sixteen participants. We expect the workshop to fill up, so apply early to guarantee a spot.


Course Structure

SPSS for Everyone is a one-day hands-on interactive course for beginners. This course will provide you a basic understanding of data management and analysis in SPSS. This course is easy to understand and is for everyone who is interested to learn SPSS.  

#1 Basic Concepts: 

To get started with SPSS, we need some basic understanding of research and statistics. This unit will cover the basic concept of research and type of methods that will help you to understand the connection with statistics. In addition, it highlights the use of statistics in everyday life and the use of SPSS with suitable examples.

#2 Creating a Dataset:

Understanding your data and its limitations can be key to good data analysis. This unit will briefly discuss key concepts used in designing research. We’ll learn about some of the avoidable and unavoidable errors and paradoxes that will strengthen your knowledge of data.

# 3 Data Management:

This unit covers more of the practical activities that will provide you ways to manage any large set of data in SPSS. We’ll learn about different tools in SPSS, that will help you categories, reorganize and calculate your data for the desired result.

# 4 Descriptive Analysis:

Data analysis is one of the key components of this unit. This unit covers the theoretical and practical understanding of descriptive statistical analysis. We’ll learn about different data analysis tools in SPSS and interpretation.

#5 Data Visualization:

Visualization helps us to convey complex data in a more simple way. One of the key use of SPSS is data visualization. The unit covers the importance and uses of different types of visualization. We’ll practice using SPSS tools for graphical representation of our dataset.