1-year Post-Graduate Diploma
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Build the skills to empower your passion

  • Critical thinking and practical skills
  • Supportive environment
  • Saturday and online classes

Applicants must have a bachelor's or master's degree at the program start. We are committed to building a dynamic and diverse group, and we encourage people of all backgrounds, ages, nationalities, and identities to apply.

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This one-year Advanced Diploma program is designed to empower you with the skills most important to the new knowledge economy: writing, research, and critical thinking. You'll be challenged to push yourself in a rigorous and supportive environment, and you'll leave with a new capacity to make change in the world.

The program is conducted over two semesters. The first semester is primarily classroom-based, comprising a mix of instructional activities but focused on small, discussion-based seminars. In the first semester, the faculty help students to recognize their own critical thinking skills through reading, writing, and debate. By the end of the first semester, students will have created a rigorous and viable research project proposal.

The second semester, by contrast, is primarily field-based, and interactions among students and faculty happen through a variety of technologies including video conferencing, telephone calls, text-based forums, and our learning management website. For the duration of the second semester, students are expected to engage in fulltime field research on the projects they designed in the first semester. The faculty support and challenge this work through a combination of extensive individual supervision and collaborative peer-to-peer workshops. As the culmination of this research work, students are expected to create a publishable original work based on the research work they have conducted.

Program Principles

  • Liberal arts teaching philosophy
    Discussion-based classes, tightly integrated with project-based exploration of practical skills

  • World class, student-focused learning
    Internationally accomplished faculty committed to engaged mentorship and closely-supervised independent projects

  • Supportive infrastructure
    Saturday classes designed for working people; two peaceful study environments, including a retreat campus just outside Kathmandu on a rural hillside; modern learning tools for communication and collaboration.

  • No barriers to talent
    Need-based financial aid for qualified students


Course Structure

Semester 1 (Classroom based):

  • History of Social Thought (3 credits)
  • Critical Epistemology and Methodology (3 credits)
  • Contemporary Social Writing (3 credits)
  • Research Project Design (3 credits)

Semester 2 (Field based):

  • Ethnographic Theory (3 credits)
  • Field Methods (3 credits)
  • Advanced Writing Workshop (3 credits)
  • Supervised Capstone Project (3 credits)


Admissions Process

Applications are now open. To schedule an individual consultation, please submit your name, contact information, CV, and short statement of purpose at the form found at the links below


We are committed to maintaining the best student-to-teacher ratio of any similar program in Nepal. Consequently, we expect the application process to be very competitive. For best chance of admission, please apply early.

Course fees: 200,000 NPR per semester
We have an extensive need-based financial aid program available. Cost will not be a barrier to admitted students.

Extended course fees: 5000 USD per semester
The extended program includes two additional courses: Nepali language and Introduction to Nepal studies designed for international students.

(Please note that the above-listed fee is fully inclusive of all taxes, course materials, library fees, and all expenses on group field trips.)