As I a faculty, I teach Peace, Conflict, Development and Environmental Studies and Co-Direct the Writing and Research Diploma

My research interests include peacebuilding, development and conflict with the specific focus on environmental studies. Currently I am working on two projects 1) examining laws and policies related Protected Areas of Nepal and 2) working for a book on Nepal’s environmental history.


Academic Background

Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University (January 2012- May 2019)

  • Dissertation: The “Local” and Peacebuilding: A Study on Community Forests Management in Myanmar’s Kachin State.
  • Committee: Dr. Susan F Hirsch (Chair), Dr. Terrence Lyons and Dr. John Dale 

MA in Conflict Resolution, University of Bradford, UK (September 2007- December 2008)

  • Thesis: Land: Environmental Sustainability and Human Security 

MA in English, Institute of Advanced Communication, Education and Research, Pokhara University (September 2002-May2005)

  • Thesis: Cultural Immensurabiilty in V.S. Naipal's In A Free State.

BA in English, Sociology and Anthropology, Tri-Chandra Multiple College (1999-2002) 


  • Identity Politics and Federalism in Nepal (2010). The International Crisis Group. 
  • Violence Against Women and Access to Justice in Nepal (2013). The Asia Foundation. 
  • The Reintegration of the Maoists Combatants: What Do We Need to Know? (2016). A book Chapter. 
  • The New Federal Restructuring and Social Movements Demands: A Critical Study Community Forestry Policies and Practices in Nepal (2017). A Policy Briefing wrote for Alliance for Social Dialogue/Open Society Foundation. 


CV and Contact information

Email: [email protected]