Ethnographic Research Fellow

I have been curious about farming and a sustainable lifestyle since childhood. This was inspired from my visits to the village where my grandparents tended to a farm with many animals and trees and the works! I chose to pursue natural building to add to the theme and specialize in handcrafted spaces.

A few years of living in Nepal broadened my perspective on farming and the need for a more holistic practice in my own personal life.
I took a permaculture course and visited many permaculture farms and events to research this concept and it has opened many new windows to understanding sustainability, independence and interdependence transcending a piece of land.

Thanks to this fellowship, I have the skills to improve my practice of documenting these concepts better. I would like to have a continued practice which I would like to make open source so more people interested in these themes can have access to the information and the process or failures I came across.