Graduate Student (Writing and Research)

Samrit is a student of law, literature, philosophy and the society. He is passionate about learning, introspecting and sharing, and thus, prefers engaging in healthy and intellectually stimulating discourses. In such discourses, he keeps himself to social, legal political and contemporary issues so as to steer clear of the risk of jeopardizing the colloquy. Preparing himself for academia and law practice, he is at the Open Institute to learn and hone the skill of critical thinking, research and writing all the while building a network of social scientists and researchers. His interest lies in mixed method research works in the area of socio-legal issues, policy formulation and constitutional law.

Except when occupied in academic or professional work, or rather despite them, you will find him collecting books (more than reading them), gushing about Urdu poetry, lost in ghazals or qawwalis and more often than not, idly fretting about nothing at all.