Graduate Student (Writing and Research)

I have always been in love with this quote “to define is to limit” as we are always on the go of ‘learning ~ unlearning ~ relearning’ since there is no universal truth. In addition, all those complexities hidden beneath simplicity draws my attention to a great extent. Meanwhile, while struggling to maintain a mediocre work-life balance; education is definitely a much needed oasis to satisfy the hallmark of human curiosity. However, I often find myself lost in the labyrinth of thought processes and what-nots. For this particular reason, I am deeply grateful to be a part of the Open Institute community and looking forward to unpack some anticipated revelations. 
In regard to a generic introduction, on a professional note, so far I have worked with different sectors i.e. Advertising Company, International Research Organization (CGIAR), INGO and The United Nations (UN). On a personal note, I fall into the so-called “Socially Awkward Individual” category based upon an average opinion rate of my current social circle.